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So it’s the first day of college and there are people handing out bibles everywhere

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How my view of Connor changed.


First time i played the game:


WOW Connor is such an deep and intressting character,alot of bad things happened to him but he still has hope.

Second time:


wow he is kind of hot….well yeah but i still prefer him as a character rather than a sex object….but still he is handsome….

Third time:


Just tell my your secrets already!!!!!


Here it is! Corvo’s folding blade from Dishonored. Needs some cleaning up and a paint job, but I think it’s pretty damn cool (I was threatening all of the Kreo guys with it). The first gif is the motion to open it, the second gif to close it. I’m just gonna carry it around with me wherever I go…


I just love characters who are genuinely sweet and kind. who actually care about other people and see good in them. and ones who deliver justice without losing the meaning of mercy. in a time of edgy anti-heros, hilariously selfish/hurtful protagonists, heroic characters who do good because they actually want to are just so incredibly refreshing