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im sorry kiss

make it better by bringing me a toasted vegemite sandwich cos i’m craving one ouo




[1:27:16 AM] Bree: duuuuuuuuuuuuuuude how can you not be online tho im drunk and ready to do things
[1:30:35 AM] Bree: i just kinda like looked at something about roman clothing toga toga toga
[1:30:38 AM] Bree: toga toga TOGA
[1:31:49 AM] Bree: iv’e lost this window
[1:33:11 AM] Bree: here it is
[1:33:20 AM] Bree: yoga
[1:33:24 AM] Bree: i mean toga
[1:33:30 AM] Bree: bbut yoga too
[1:34:08 AM] Bree: face
[1:35:21 AM] Bree: i just saw a post with haytham short hair and i feel like my eeyeballs have been fucked
[1:43:06 AM] Bree: i should message tyou but i can’t find my phoen
[1:45:49 AM] Bree: there was a hot bgirl todnight but i think she was straight
[1:45:54 AM] Bree: why are all the hot ones straight
[1:48:22 AM] Bree: i can’t even write bc the words end up seventy million times bigger
[1:48:40 AM] Bree: you know what im gonna go pee goodnight <3333333333333333333333333333333333333333333333
[9:22:32 AM] evonne: holy shit you babe <33333333333333333333333333333333333333333333333333333333333333333333333333333333333333333
[6:14:23 PM] Bree: bwahahaha shit

i’ll see if i like him when i finally play because i don’t


i always played as a snarky Hawke. that really ruffles his feathers, but he was really sweet in this playthrough

[4:30:11 PM] Bree: you know those kids who play the same game every time they get together, be it hide and seek, horses or cops and robbers?
[4:30:12 PM] Bree: that’s us
[4:33:05 PM] evonne: omg
[4:33:50 PM] Bree: irl it would be like
[4:34:07 PM] Bree: “omg cat’s coming over”
"what are you going to play?"
[4:34:43 PM] evonne: dfkjndfkjkjdfs
[4:34:43 PM] evonne: dfskjdsfnikjdfskj
[4:34:52 PM] evonne: dsdsjneifujkdfkjnjdnflkjdfgd
[4:34:52 PM] evonne: fdkjnfd
[4:36:33 PM] evonne: let’s play tho
[4:36:41 PM] Bree: ok

[4:23:32 AM] Bree: i fuckin hate aveline’s love interest
[4:23:37 AM] Bree: he annoyed the fucking shit out of me
[4:23:40 AM] evonne: dkfjfdsjksfd
[4:24:30 AM] Bree: god just thinking about him pisses me off
[4:24:37 AM] Bree: it’s like cristina
[4:24:52 AM] Bree: except cristina existed solely to give ezio more unnecessary manpain
[4:25:04 AM] Bree: this dude exists just to piss me the fuck off
[4:25:12 AM] evonne: iuejrkjsdfkdfsknfsdfsd
[4:25:28 AM] evonne: what if that man pain drives ezio into fed’s arms 8)
[4:25:35 AM] Bree: fed’s dead as fuck tho
[4:25:48 AM] evonne: BE FLEXIBLE
[4:26:00 AM] evonne: AUs MAN
[4:26:07 AM] Bree: ………..zombie?
[4:26:15 AM] evonne: nO
[4:26:18 AM] evonne: fED LIVES
[4:26:24 AM] evonne: EVERYONE LIVES

i’ll stomp on him

please do

he doesn’t understand what ‘composition’ is im gonna

definitely more shoes than i have

maybe i’ll line up all of my shoes and take a photo one of these days :P

more shoes than i have

they’re the shoes that don’t fit in my wardrobe

i bought a new pair today too