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Ohh I didn’t know that! Man my Greek mythology is so rusty tho, I just remembered the big rule lmao

yeah man, Zeus turned into all sorts of shit to get his sex on, and Hera would always turn her wrath on the poor ladies (bc she couldn’t very well turn it on the king of the gods, could she)

but in the story of Io, Zeus turned the poor girl into a cow when Hera nearly caught them together. then he was like “what, i’m just hanging out in a field with a cow, no sex here nope” but Hera wasn’t fooled for some reason, so she demanded cow-Io as a present

Hera charged guarding her with the giant Argus Panoptes (this motherfucker had a hundred eyes so they were never all closed), to keep Zeus away. but Zeus was like “nah man” and sent in Hermes to lull the giant to sleep, and then kill him and free Io. when Hera saw that her giant was dead as dicks, she took his eyes and put them on the feathers of the peacock (hence why it has the eye pattern). she then sent a gadfly to sting poor Io as she wandered the earth (i wonder what they called the Ionian Sea before she crossed it?)

eventually, Io settled in Egypt and, according to Ovid, became the Egyptian goddess Isis. because everything good starts with the Greco-Roman world, obviously.

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Ancient history is my major =u=

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Injury, teacher, zoo :D

Injury: Have you ever walked into a glass door?

No, I haven’t! Which means it’s only a matter of time. XD

Teacher: What do you aspire to be?

Oh, boy. Umm, a historian. Of some sort. Something to do with history.

I’m really ashamed to say I don’t have much more of a clue than that. :c

Zoo: What is your favourite animal?

You haven’t asked the easy questions :P I’m gonna say pug dogs and dolphins. Foxes are quickly becoming a favourite too.

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D: Are you alright?

anxiety attacks ;n;

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